Panel Upgrade

Puyallup Electrical Panel Box


The electrical panel box in Puyallup, WA plays an important role, and must be well-maintained to avoid abnormal electrical activity that could become a safety hazard.

Whether you need a new electrical panel box in Puyallup forconstruction of a home, or an electrical panel upgrade in Puyallup to increase the number of circuit breakers in your existing home, we have a licensed electrician fully equipped to make apanel upgrade in Puyallup in compliance with all codes.

As a general rule, an electrical panel box in Puyallup has a lifespan of approximately 25 to 40 years.

These are a few reasons your electrical panel box in Puyallup may need replacement:

  • Need for increased number of circuit breakers
  • Upgrade from fuse to circuit breaker model
  • Corrosion affecting proper breaker function

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Puyallup Electrical Panel Upgrade


Most households are affected by the evolving demands of electronics necessitating a new electrical panel upgrade in Puyallup to provide additional amps and circuits.

If you have concerns about your existing panel, as a local licensed electrician with a highly skilled electrician crew, we can inspect your present system to determine if an electrical panel upgrade in Puyallup is recommended.

As your system ages and loses efficiency, or the demands on your panel increase significantly, there is a potential for malfunctions to occur, requiring an electrical panel upgrade in Puyallup.

We can inspect for signs of failure as a result of:

  • Frequent breaker tripping when circuit overloads
  • Breaker panel sparking
  • Melted wires
  • Buzzing sounds

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Puyallup Panel Upgrade


It is vital that a panel upgrade in Puyallup be installed by a licensed electrician!

Whether your panel upgrade in Puyallup is required for relocation, to replace an outdated fuse box system, or to add new circuits, these are important reasons to hire a licensed electrician for an electrical service upgrade:

  • Assurance of meeting compliance requirements
  • Avoidance of poor wiring connections
  • Correct grounding
  • To circumvent invalidation of homeowners insurance
  • Safeguard against fires resulting from faulty installation

If you are concerned about the cost of a panel upgrade in Puyallup, call us today to learn about our commitment as local licensed electricians to provide our clients with cost-effective electrical solutions.

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