Heat Pump Tacoma

Heat Pump Tacoma


Make Solarside Electric LLC your first and only call for installing a heat pump in your Tacoma, WA property. Heat pump installation is an excellent investment for ensuring optimal indoor comfort all through the year.

Opting for a Tacoma heat pump means that you have a single system for heating or cooling your property as the weather demands. Efficient functioning and affordable energy expenses are two of the biggest advantages of using a heat pump Tacoma.

However, you cannot take seamless performance of your Tacoma heat pump for granted. Your system will work as wonderfully as it should only when you get the heat pump wiring done by a skilled, experienced, and reputable professional:

  • HVAC contractor
  • Heat pump installer
  • Electric HVAC system installer
  • HVAC wiring specialist

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Heat Pump Installation Tacoma


We are sure that you will be hard-pressed to find more capable professionals than us to handle your job for heat pump installation Tacoma. Our company is staffed by rigorously trained technicians who have proven their exceptional skills over countless Tacoma heat pump installation jobs.

In fact, we can take complete care of your needs for heat pump installation Tacoma. From assessing your heating/cooling needs to helping with equipment sizing to helping you evaluate different makes/models of heat pumps to find the right system to actually carrying out Tacoma heat pump installation in your property, we do it all.

Contact us today to schedule our services for these jobs:

  • Heat pump install
  • New heat pump system
  • Heating pump installation
  • Heat pump replacement

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Heat Pump Wiring Tacoma


Heat pump wiring Tacoma is a job for duly qualified professionals. Hiring just any local, inexperienced contractor is as hazardous as going the DIY route with the Tacoma heat pump wiring in your home.

Why take chances with your investment and the safety of your loved ones when we are only a phone call away? Let us handle your heat pump wiring Tacoma job.

Our technicians appreciate the importance of conducting the work with utmost diligence and accuracy. You can rely on them to work as if doing the Tacoma heat pump wiring in their own home.

We deliver perfect, code-complaint services to leave your property with a high-performing unit:

  • Heating and cooling system
  • Electric heat pump
  • Central heating pump
  • Mini split heat pump

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