Puyallup EV Charger Installation


We provide a high-quality EV charger installation in Puyallup for residential and commercial owners.

Whether you are an environmentally conscious homeowner in need of an EV charger installation in Puyallup, or a commercial business owner providing your employees with the convenience of EV charging while at work, we can install a high-performance charging station installationsuited to your needs.

As a local electric contractor with years of experience, you can trust us to provide a reliable EV charger installation in Puyallup:

  • Level 1-pluginto standard 120-volt wall outlet
  • Level 2-240-volt charging station installation
  • EV charger paired with solar panel system
  • Level 3-DC fast car charger installation

We are licensed and insured, and have specialty training in EV charger installation in Puyallup.

Call Solarside Electric, LLC today to learn more about a reliable EV charger installation in Puyallup at an affordable car charger installation cost.


Puyallup EV Installation


We are a licensed and insured local electric contractor experienced in professional EV installation services in Puyallup to accommodate both residential and commercial requirements.

If you are considering an EV installation in Puyallup, call us for information about installing ESVE, or to request a car charger installation cost in Puyallup.

While there are tremendous benefits for an EV installation in Puyallup for homeowners, more and more commercial businesses are also benefiting from a charging station installation:

  • EV charging station financial benefits
  • EV installation business tax advantages
  • Charging station installation is a huge employee perk

Our EV installation experts in Puyallup are capable of installing most major brands of electric charging stations, with all installations conducted in accordance with the National Electrical Code.

Call Solarside Electric, LLC today to discuss your needs for an EV installation in Puyallup, or to request an EV station cost!


Puyallup Car Charger Installation


We offer a car charger installation in Puyallup that allows homeowners an opportunity take advantage of low residential electricity rates.

For residential homeowners with an adequate electrical service, a car charger installation in Puyallup is a relatively low cost. If modifying your electrical system is required before a car charger installation in Puyallup, the installation cost will be greater.

To install charging station at home for both Level 1 and Level 2 EVSE, we highly recommend a licensed and insured electrician to ensure:

  • Proper dedicated branch circuit for Level 1 EVSE
  • Level 2 car charging station with dedicated circuit
  • EV charger installation permits & electrical inspecting

Call Solarside Electric, LLC for a car charger installation in Puyallup to comply with national and local codes, and manufacturer specifications.