Puyallup Solar Panel Installation


As a local electrical contractor, over the past decade our company has participated in the transition of residential homes away from a fossil-fueled electric grid toward energy reform with solar panel installation.

And with the remarkable rate of growth in the residential solar installation industry, the cost of solar panel installation is decreasing across the entire nation. As solar panel installers for residential homeowners, we are proud to participate in the clean energy surge by proudly offering:

  • Solar panel installation for electric systems
  • Repair services
  • Electric vehicle charging station installation
  • Advanced and high-end brands of solar panels

We welcome the opportunity of preparing a free, no-obligation evaluation of your home to clearly identify the benefits of harnessing solar power and integrating it into your present electrical system with a solar panel installation in Puyallup.

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Puyallup Solar Installation


Prior to investing in a solar installation in Puyallup, as experienced solar panel installers, we can meet with you to provide valuable information to ensure that powering your home with solar energy is a wise option for you.

These are a few steps we can walk through with you in consideration of a solar installation efficiency upgrade:

  • An investigation of the efficiency of your home’s energy
  • Assessment of your solar potential and limitations
  • Assessment of all options for choosing solar
  • Estimation of your solar electricity requirements
  • Site assessment
  • Preparation of a solar installation estimate
  • Review of available tax credit incentives and financing

We can carefully analyze all alternatives for solar panel installation to ensure maximum sun exposure, including rooftop, ground-mounted and additional locations.

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Puyallup Solar Panel Installers


We are among the finest solar panel installers in Puyallup, experienced and equipped in working with complex electrical and mechanical equipment and all construction requirements.

With the rapid growth of the residential solar sector, it is important to exercise caution to ensure that all options and tools are presented to help you make an informed decision.

These are a few reasons to choose us as your solar panel installers:

  • Qualified, licensed and insured professionals
  • Proper certification
  • Knowledge of local permitting and interconnection processes
  • Availability of references from other customers
  • All panel and inverter manufacturer warranties honored
  • One-year warranty on all wiring
  • Maximum generating system capacity provided
  • Estimate of amount of annual or monthly energy produced by system

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